Using Analytics to Skyrocket Your Social Media

These days, it’s no secret. Social media is king. But, are you the king of your social media? Social media can have tons of reasons for not being top notch. To grow your audience to the point you want – you will need to start analyzing your channels to see what’s working and what’s not. We are going to cover why you should be using analytics, how to use them, and even a great way to keep it organized! P.S – don’t forget to grab your Social Media Tracking Form to help you with your analytics!

Using Analytics to Skyrocket Your Social Media

Before we get into the how – let’s talk about the why!
#1 understand your audience

Taking steps to understand your audience using social analytics can help you in so many ways. How?

  • Analyzing your past posts can help you find your unique best time to share. Timing is an important part of social media marketing. If you post when your fans are online and at their highest level of alertness your posts will drive more engagement, traffic and sales. Therefore, you should dissect your social data and find your unique best time to post on social media. Some social networks let you do this easily through their built-in analytics.
  • Is a certain hashtag  being noticed more than others? Chances are – that’s where your core audience may be.
#2 discover the best platforms for your business

Social networking is not one size fits all. Just because Facebook has far more users than Instagram (that may change soon….) doesn’t mean they will drive the best results. There might be smaller networks like Pinterest or Flickr that can help execute your strategy better. The only way to confirm which social networks work best is through experimentation and using your analytics to measure how much engagement, traffic and sales you are getting. This data can be utilized to:

  • focus more on social networks that are working for you and eliminating ones that aren’t
  • prioritize the amount of time you spend managing each social network
  • point you in the right direction for a  new an upcoming network that is more specific to your target audience
#3 create the best content you can

When you track your social networks, you will learn and conceive of what content drives the best results. On networks like Facebook and Twitter you will be able to see whether images, links or videos do better. While platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you will want to check what type of images perform best. To figure out what content is performing best you can use your social media page’s analytics. Some social networks like Facebook have built-in analytics that shows what types of media perform best, others you may need more in depth research.

#4 get a leg up on your competition

Your competitors are also creating content and running social media strategies. This will result in their own unique data. If you analyze this data, you will be able to figure out what is working and what isn’t. It will help you avoid the mistakes they are making and only focus on techniques that bring results. To figure out which social networks are working best for your competitors you can use Similar Web. Copy your competitor’s URL into the engine and it will show you the percentage of the traffic that site receives from social media and the social networks driving it. This isn’t a catch-all but it’s definitely a huge help.

#5 stratagize and plan for your future

You will not create the best strategy in your first attempt. You are bound to make several mistakes and use tactics that don’t work. But if you study your social media analytics regularly you will be able to figure out what these mistakes are. We will cover this more in the steps for tracking.

#6 see if that campaign is going the way you want

Once you launch a social media campaign you should regularly track it. This is key, especially if you are putting your dollars behind it. If things aren’t going how you want – change it! If results are continuously poor for a specific platform, you may want to consider not using it for your campaigns.

Now that we have covered the why…

let’s give you what you came here for! These “How To” steps are exactly what I do every month with my clients’ social media.

Getting Started

Once you are ready to start analyzing your social media, you’ll need a way to track it. You can use google drive spreadsheets, a notebook, or even a printable like this one!

Whatever the method, have it ready and out for these next steps.

What To Look For

Now that you’ve got your tools and are ready, open whatever platform you want to get started with. What you will want to look for are these main things:

How many followers/likes do you have?
What posts have gotten interaction?
Which ones didn’t?
Is your audience interacting the way you want it to?

Take note of all these things on your tracker. If there is anything else you want to take notice of, add that too!

Take your information and run with it…

Take a look at the information. Use it to alter (or keep) your plan moving forward. If a type of post is consistently not doing well, it may be time to change it up! If there is a post you notice getting a lot of attention, make that a cornerstone of your content moving forward. Just be careful, don’t just change into something you’re not for the sake of your audience. You need to keep your voice, too. Otherwise, why would they be there?

Repeat these steps each month. Try to stay consistent about the time of month, but do whatever you need to. Need more help? Leave a comment and i’d love to answer your questions! Don’t forget to grab your Social Media Tracking Form for tracking!

Until next time,

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