Graphic Design

Does your product jump off the shelf at your customer? We design luxury product packaging and labeling for your website that is personalized to your brand.

We create beautiful and engaging graphics for your business!

✓ We redefine your company’s visual presence
✓ We create beautiful graphics for all areas of your business
✓ We design business advertising that sells your products
✓ We design logos, websites and branding collateral your clients will love
✓ We broaden your reach with graphics people love to share
✓ We take your products to the next level

What is graphic design?

We have all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, and this couldn’t be more true than when talking about your online presence. From your business website and marketing materials to social media networking sites and launch products, having great graphics makes a huge impact. Take it from me as a virtual assistant, nothing makes a site look more professional than polished and engaging online presence!

Why is graphic design important?

Whether you need fabulous graphics for your blog posts or are looking to punch up your social media channels hum-drum, you can keep all of your company’s content fresh and fun with beautiful graphics created just for you, complete with your branding. We offer small businesses of all kinds a comprehensive set of graphic design services focused on boosting your business’ online image across multiple platforms.

How can we help?

As with all our business services, you are only paying for what you ask for. You can get as much or as little graphic design work as you need! We offer everything including: logo design, packaging design, print design (packaging, branding collateral, welcome kits, flyers, brochures, rack cards, stickers, labels, tags, pricing/sell sheets, and business cards), website design, webinar design, and digital design (online magazines, infographics, logos, testimonial quotes, ezines, reports, social media covers and visuals, media kits, and online magazines).

Graphic Design services we provide:

➢Digital and print brochures
➢Digital and print newsletters
➢Digital and print media kits
➢Backgrounds and wallpapers
➢Webinar and podcast graphics
➢Instagram story graphics
➢Blog post and social media graphics
➢Social media covers and images
➢Branded powerpoint, slide decks
➢Email headers, footers, and signatures
➢Client onboarding/welcome kits
➢Advertising and promo graphics
➢Business document templates
➢Direct mailers
➢Custom letterhead
➢Personalized envelopes
➢Address labels
➢Greeting cards, postcards, and notecards
➢Appointment cards
➢Business cards
➢Gift cards
➢Storefront signage
➢Shop banners
➢Info packages
➢Freebies and giveaway items
➢Stickers and stamps
➢WordPress Web Design
➢Icons & Buttons

Print Media

➢Direct Mailing
➢Trade Show Banner
➢Email Newsletter
➢Powerpoint Template / Slides

What to expect?

✓ Simple onboarding: We take your idea and turn it into beautiful graphic design
✓ Beautiful graphic design: We collaborate closely so you get exactly what you want
✓ Custom graphic design: We create one of kind graphic design just for your business

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