Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How I know if we will be a good fit?

If you work well with someone who allows you to bounce creativity back and forth, we will work great together! If you are someone who needs 100% control over every single detail (their is nothing wrong with it, you have to love what you put out there) then we may not be the best fit. If you have a very clear idea of what you want and want complete creative control, I would recommend taking one of my courses to learn how to DIY your business!

Do you provide references?

I can provide references on a requested basis. However, due to my confidentiality agreement, most clients come to me for my discretion.

Do you offer virtual services?

Yes! 90% of my client base is virtual! I am able to do this successfully because I have spent years fine tuning the process to where I can do every step of our projects without ever needing to meet in person. I even have clients in Italy!

Do you have a referral program?

We have a great referral program! I love it because if you are a low-budget business, referring your friends or clients is a great way to get my services at little to no cost.

Why don’t you list more clients on your website?

Here at Wonder Swan Marketing, we have a confidentiality agreement available. What does that mean? Any client that wants to remain quiet about needing my services has the option to go into a confidentiality agreement. I don’t speak about them and their projects so that they can maintain anonymity.

You offer a lot of services. Which is your favorite?

I love my social media management program! Social media is a huge platform for growing your business but can be incredibly time consuming, especially if you don’t completely know what you are doing. My social media management services allows me to help you grow your business while never having to step away from the front lines! I’m also very proud to offer services that are low-budget friendly.

What type of client is a good fit for your services?

If you are a business owner that needs help with conceptualizing and/or producing your brand and marketing – you’d be the perfect client! I work well with people who need that extra boost of creativity to reach their full potential If you need someone to be your yes-man or be a personal assistant, we may not be the best fit.

In a nutshell, what do you offer in way of services?

For those needing help with branding I have an intensive process of learning you are and the personality of your business to create a full-fledged brand attack to launch your business. If you need help with marketing, I will learn the ins and out of you, your business, and your brand to come up with the best multi-tier marketing strategy to grow your business. If you need graphic help, I offer great low-budget friendly hourly design work.

I don’t need a lot of ongoing help, am I still a good fit?

Yes! I offer hourly services that range from $25-65 depending on the type of work you need. Get in touch for a free consultation!

I just want to learn how to do the work for myself, can you help?

We are in the process of launching a series of virtual workshops that can help with things from graphic design to CRM to social media strategy. Stay tuned!