Administrative Services

Is your inbox overflowing? Your voicemail box full? Make sure to respond to your clients, prospects, and customers in a timely manner – or they may go elsewhere.

We take care of the small stuff so you can focus on the big picture!
✓ We set up and organize all parts of your business
✓ We pretty up all of your documents
✓ We manage all of your inboxes and calendars

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What are business services?

Business owners are busy; it sounds almost funny to put that plainly, but it’s very true. Running a business is hard work, especially if you’re going it alone. There are countless tasks, big and small, to fill every available hour in the day and beyond. You’d probably like to spend your days focusing on new business, bigger projects, and the aspects of your work that inspired you to go into business for yourself. Unfortunately, the urgency of your endless little to-do list tasks and your overflowing inbox seem to eat up all your time and energy.

Why are business services important?

If you dream of focusing on the areas of your business you actually enjoy or notice that parts of your business are falling through the cracks, it’s time to call in a virtual assistant to handle your administrative tasks. I offer a wide array of business services to help your business get stuff done. When you partner with me, you place your daily tasks in the hands of an experienced administrator who truly cares about the success of your business. Plus, partnering with a virtual assistant saves you tons of time, energy, and money in the long run, and provides a solid foundation on which to build your business.

How can we help?

Once those annoying little tasks are out of the way, you can focus your talents on the parts of your business that nobody else can do. You have the expertise necessary to handle the challenging, rewarding side of running your business. With fewer interruptions during your day, you’ll get more accomplished, feel more productive, and have less stress.

Business services we provide:

Meeting and appointment scheduling=
Calendar management
Email inbox management
File management via Dropbox and Google Drive
Product launch management
Real estate virtual assistant services
Slide creation and design
Podcast submissions
Press release writing and distribution
Proofreading and copyediting
Creating templates, checklists, and spreadsheets
Creating PowerPoint presentations
Creating monthly reports (invoicing, marketing, activities, tracking)
Tracking coaching hours
Document conversion
Data entry
Direct mailings
Processing, shipping and tracking orders and inventory
Event planning
Travel coordination
eBay sales assisting
Form creation and integration
Microsoft office suite
Article submissions
Research projects